Come to See Us at One of Our New State of the Art 24 Hour Pay at the Pump Fueling Centers. We feature New Wayne Ovation Super High Flow Pumps with Ovation TV at the Pump - With Super High Speed You are in and out in a flash!!! All Credit Cards and Fleet Cards are accepted including Comdata, EFS, Fuelman, Multiservice and so many more.

Fuel Up Anytime - Gas or Diesel - 24 Hours A Day - 365 Days A Year!!!

Wholesale & Bulk Fuel Delivery Is Now Available

Patriot Fueling Centers is now offering Wholesale and Bulk Fuel Delivery to Business, Industrial, State & Municipal Customers, Farm, Logging and Other Commercial Customers. 

Important Information:

The Corona Virus & Patriot Fueling Centers:


Patriot Fueling Center locations are here for you!! During this time I wanted to share some if the things we do everyday in order to make Patriot a safe, clean place for you to do business:

1. The associates clean all the pumps, dispensers, vending machines and restrooms each day multiple times. At this time we are cleaning after almost every customer in order to watch out for you and stop the spread of any germs.

2. We don't take cash so there is no germs to be spread between one wallet to another. We only accept plastic. This costs us more in fees but it is safe for you, both in keeping down rif-raf and germs.

3. Your credit card, debit card or fleet card is only between you and the dispenser. The keypads are cleaned by our employees on a very regular regiment to insure your safety.

4. Do you know that we offer some of the only EMV PCI chip card readers in Lineville, Wetumpka and soon in Alex City. This stops the swipe card theft that people see in bigger cities that we hear about. Do you know we go even further....our dispenser must have a special key that cannot be copied in order to enter the inside of the dispenser. The service techs do not even have this key. You are my number one concern!!

5. Other stations do not have time or resources to clean like Patriot does, since our stores are automated 24/7/365 our associates are busy cleaning inside and outside the store and taking care of issues. We pay our associates good, and like the marines, we only want the best.

6. There is no human interaction with cashiers coming into close proximity of the customers. If you want the help of our great associates they are there for you and eager to help, but you are also welcome to pay at the pump and/or use one of our Market 24 Robotic Systems inside the store.

7. Our restrooms are always clean for your family. Many ladies often compliment how clean they are. We strive to keep it clean. You must purchase fuel in order to get a code on your receipt which will let you in. This is in order to stop everyone driving by from taking advantage of it and leaving our facilities in disarray. We are here for you, our customer.

8. We have recently installed a new 50kw generator at our Lineville location. In the event of a tornado, snow, or unforeseen natural disaster, as long as our store doesn't take a direct hit, we will be here to provide service to our first responders, power crews, poultry farmers, and all of our other customers which must keep rolling. We want to provide more than just fuel, we want to be your go to fueling source in good times and in times of need. Our Wetumpka location is installing a generator transfer switch but is normally always on. We are able to put a generator there in a few minutes notice. Alexander City is having a generator installed.

9. All of our locations are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They operate as a unattended site with 24 hour surveillance during the non-peak hours or holidays, but we are always there.

10. We are the direct source to the fuel pipeline. We buy direct and pass the savings on to you. We try to offer the most economical price for fuel as we can in each location.

11. We are constantly looking for ways to serve you better. If you have a need, or know a way that we can do more, please let us know and we will work toward that goal. In the meantime, we sincerely appreciate you!!

I am Rodney Walker, Managing Member of Patriot Fueling Centers, together with Larry Morris, Member of Patriot Fueling Centers, our associates are April Mefford (Area Manager), Margo Hill (Lineville), Gloria Cowan (Wetumpka), Dennis Smith (Lineville), and Lisa Hinson (Wetumpka). We all sincerely thank you for your business and promise to be here for you as you need us in the future.

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